Truffle Lite

Truffle Lite is the latest of our award winning Truffle Broadband Bonding Network Appliance, the next generation Internet load balancer with packet granularity aggregation and Internet failover. Truffle Lite condenses 10 years of research and development leadership on Internet load balancing, WAN virtualization, WAN optimization and Broadband Bonding, into a compact yet powerful Internet aggregation device with built-in Internet failover. 

Truffle Lite, our entry level Internet aggregator, is ideal for home offices and small offices that wish to aggregate multiple Internet access lines (Internet load balance at packet granularity) for increased performance and reliability in a cost-effective way. With Truffle Lite, multiple DSL, cable modem or T1 services can be combined to provide higher speed and more reliable Internet access. Truffle Lite is the ideal packet level Internet load balancer that is highly cost effective. 

Truffle Lite is also a stateful firewall, bandwidth manager, traffic monitoring, Internet failover and traffic shaping appliance that is packed with cutting edge adaptive Quality of Service features - all in one box. We have used our fundamental know-how and Truffle architecture in designing Truffle Lite, which means you will still have the dependability, scalability, remote manageability and field upgradable firmware features as standard. 

The base Truffle Lite model has 2 Ethernet based WAN and 2 Ethernet based LAN ports with the optional 1 or 2 more additional Ethernet based WAN ports for a total of up to 4 WAN ports. It also supports 2 USB based WAN ports for wireless data cards from any wireless carrier. 

With our pass-through installation that can be done under 180 seconds, all you need to do is to slide the Truffle Lite between your existing network/firewall and existing modem with no changes to your existing network, then add your additional WAN lines and you are all set with a blazing fast and extremely reliable Internet connection.

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