ThirdEye FAQ

1. Can I use ThirdEye with my PTZ camera?

Yes, most PTZ camera systems are supported.

2. How many cards can I bond with ThirdEye?


3. What type of video input can the Streamer support?

ThirdEye will accept encoded video (such as motion jpeg) via an Ethernet port from your PTZ camera. ThirdEye does not support any other video encoders other than PTZ cameras. For support of other video encoders please check out our Streamer video streaming product line.

4. How portable is ThirdEye?

ThirdEye is ultra light at 1.32 lbs and has a very compact form factor that fits in your one hand. Streamer can be powered by 12V DC from the included power adaptor, or via the optional rechargeable battery pack.

5. Can I have a Command and Control Center in a moving vehicle for the Third Eye remote video surveillance application?


6. Can I remotely, pan, tilt and zoom with my PTZ camera that is connected to a Third Eye device?

Yes. Third Eye is designed for remote video surveillance and you will be able to remotely manage your PTZ cameras.

7. Does ThirdEye require special remote video surveillance software?

ThirdEye replaces the wired Internet in your remote video surveillance system. So you can continue using your existing PTZ cameras and monitoring system with ThirdEye.