TelePorter FAQ

1. What type of bit rates and video quality does TelePorter, the remote video streaming solution support?

TelePorter is very efficient and will bond and optimize the available bandwidth. The video bit rate can be as high as several mega bits per second and can tolerate uninterrupted video. On the other hand the bit rate can be as low as couple of hundred kilobits per second and the adaptive video encoder will change the video encoding rate on the fly seamlessly to provide a very fluid video stream with very low latency. Additional Video Optimization algorithms are implemented for low latency, high reliability and high quality.

2. How many cards can I bond? Can I bond different carriers during live video transmission?

TelePorter natively supports bonding of up to 6 cellular aircards and yes, you can bond any usb cellular aircard from any carrier in any country.

3. What type of video encoding does TelePorter remote video streaming solution use?

TelePorter uses a state of the art adaptive bit rate H.264 hardware based video encoder. The encoding rate will auto adjust during live video transmission.

4. How portable is TelePorter?

The complete mobile package including the carrying case weighs under 5 lbs (2.3 kgs). The system is light and very ergonomic to carry with the included small over the shoulder backpack. The TelePorter field unit can also be directly attached to the end of a broadcast camera via the Anton-Bauer battery mount. The battery that attaches to the TelePorter field unit then will power both the field unit and the camera.

5. Can I stream to a CDN network with TelePorter or do you facilitate a CDN that I can use?

Yes, you can stream to any Content Disribution Network and live streaming websites. We also provide complete turnkey streaming solutions - please contact us for details.

6. What type of snap on interface does the Teleporter have for attaching it to the camera?

TelePorter has an Anton Bauer and IDX V-mount plate to attach to the camera.

7. If I don't want to attach the Teleporter to the camera directly, can I use it in a backpack?

Yes, Teleporter has an optional backpack.