Streamer FAQ

1. What is the difference between the Teleporter and the Streamer?

Teleporter is an equipment for live video uplink applications such as news gathering for broadcasters. Teleporter is ideal if the video needs to be streamed live to a headquarter office with very low latency that can support interactivity, such as Interviews. Teleporter also has a hardware based adaptive video encoder that provides broadcast quality video where you can plug in an SDI, HDMI or analog video input directly from your camera into the Teleporter.


Streamer on the other hand is ideal to stream video to web. You can use your own encoder and CDN you prefer to stream live video to website. Streamer will accept an encoded video via an Ethernet connection from the encoder/video-switcher that feeds into the Streamer.

2. What type of bit rates and video quality does Streamer support?

Streamer will bond and optimize the available bandwidth. The video bit rate can be as high as several mega bits per second or it can be as low as couple of hundred kilobits per second and Streamer will provide an uninterrupted video as long as the available total bonded bandwidth is sufficient. You can also choose to have multiple video streams going through Streamer simultaneously.

3. How many cards can I bond? Can I bond different carriers?

Streamer natively supports bonding of up to 4 cellular aircards and yes, you can bond any usb cellular aircard from any carrier in any country.

4. What type of video input can the Streamer support?

Streamer will accept encoded video via an Ethernet port. Various video encoders and video switchers are supported including Flash Media Live Encoder, Tricaster, Wirecast, Touchscreen and many others. Please contact us to check if your video encoder equipment is supported.

5. Which CDNs can I stream to with Streamer?

Any CDN. You can use Streamer to stream live video to website of your choice.

6. How portable is Streamer?

Streamer is ultra light at 1.32 lbs and has a very compact form factor that fits in your one hand. Streamer can be powered by 12V DC from the included power adaptor, or via the optional rechargeable battery pack.

7. Can I connect my Tricaster to the Streamer and stream as I normally do?

Yes. Other similar type video switchers are also supported as well as a flash media live encoder or wirecast on your laptop. You can stream video to web as you would normally do with your existing system.

8. Will I need to reconfigure my existing streaming infrastructure to use Streamer?

No. Streamer works completely transparently with your existing video streaming work-flow. Just replace your wired connection with Streamer.

9. I have a wired connection at the venue that I will be streaming from. Can I bond that Internet line with my several cellular wireless data cards to achieve higher bandwidth and better reliability?

Yes, with the optional "usb-to-Ethernet converter" kit you can convert the usb ports into Ethernet based WAN ports and plug in any wired Internet connection to be bonded with the rest of the WAN connections.