IP Telephony Scalable Multi Tenant IP PBX Solutions with Custom Applications
Scalable Multi Tenant IP PBX Solutions with Custom Applications

While all communication converged to IP voice is not an exception. We offer to you full IP telephony services. It is cheap, its mobile and its extendible easily. Not only voice, video is a part of it. Customer can use its phone on all office devices. Such as on PC, smart phone, laptop, tablet even on TV.

We offer turnkey solution to any customer. Initial cost of investment is extremely low. We are targeting SMEs for offering IP Telephony. IIT Systems IP telephony solution offers all PBX capabilities. Our solution is based on Hosted (Cloud) services.

Companies are increasingly becoming more geographically spread out, opening offices in other places and allowing their employees to work remotely. Apart from the dramatic cost savings of VoIP calling, organizations who implement an IP-PBX Solution also benefit from increased convenience. With IIT Systems Multi tenant IP-PBX solution, employees can be anywhere in the world and will be able to access and receive calls at their extension as long as they have online and connected to the internet.

Calls can be transferred from extension to extension just like traditional PBX regardless of the physical location of the party, making it more efficient for organizations to communicate internally. With reach set of feature like; Find Me, Follow Me feature, PBX end users can have their calls transferred to any location or phone (i.e.: cell phone, home phone, work phone, or any other location).

With custom application IP-PBX solution can be a web TV platform, medium of giving training and also medium of delivering advertisement.