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For an enterprise that has branch offices connecting to the headquarters, Virtual Leased Line (VLL) powered by Truffle Broadband Bonding Network Appliances provides a unique value proposition. With Truffle network appliances at the branch offices and at the headquarter, the branch offices will be able to bond together their various Internet access lines to create a virtual secure, fast and reliable IP pipe to and from their headquarters. VLL is an ideal high performance alternative to MPLS and is highly cost effective. VLL can also be utilized to offload public Internet traffic off of MPLS when deployed along side with MPLS - generating huge savings in MPLS bandwidth cost.

Additionally, if the branch office Internet traffic is funneled through the headquarter (such as through a VPN), then the branch office will enjoy bonded speeds not only for the point-to-point connection to the headquarter, but also for the traffic to/from the public Internet. Optionally, the remote office public Internet traffic can be offloaded and bonded locally.

Bandwidth aggregation of wireless WAN links for mobile and portable Internet solutions.
If there are multiple branch offices that need to be connected via leased lines, Mushroom’s Virtual Leased Line (VLL) solution provides a fast, reliable and cost effective bonded IP pipe between the offices. VLL is powered by Truffle units installed at the office locations and enables the offices to bond their Internet access lines to create a virtual point-to-point fat pipe. Any type of traffic between the offices (including VPN traffic) will be bonded in both downlink and uplink directions. Cost effective ADSL/Cable lines can be bonded together to create a faster than T1 or E1 based leased line for fraction of the cost. Alternatively, existing T1 lines can be boosted with cost effective additional bandwidth.