Who we are?

IIT Systems was founded on November 2009 at Hacettepe University Technopolis 2. R&D Building. We are a new generation engineering and innovation company. The main goal of our company is supporting and developing internet technologies by creating custom made software/hardware solutions.

Our customers are technology or non-technology companies which requires spesific IT solutions or infastructures. Our main technologies are composed of brand new technologies including spesific mobile (Android/IOS based) applications. We focus on cross platform, cloud based, scalable solutions.

We will continue to develop our solutions with our young, talented enginner team according to market trends and tendenscies.

Some of our engineering studies are:

  • -
    Hardware/device spesific embedded systems programming.
  • -
    IP based voice/video, mobile voice systems designing, development and management.
  • -
    Mobile device application development.
  • -
    Managed server, voice, data services.
  • -
    WebTV applications development and management.

Job opportunities

  • Things are moving fast around here, and it’s time to hire some employee. Right now we’re looking for a recent graduate in computer science, electrical engineering, or similar to join us a trainee engineer or one or two students in their final years to join us as a interns.
  • As a trainee engineer/intern you’ll help us with all the tasks related to software development: design, coding, testing, documenting and deploying the app. You will be completely involved in the process and will attend any technical meeting we have, but we promise we will keep them down to the minimum necessary!
  • We believe in team work, in direct communication, and we hate barriers. We like freedom so we need responsible people. We hate missing deadlines. And we love code quality, so we enjoy doing code-reviews for fun and improvement.
  • We are working on a tight schedule and there’s a lot of work to be done, so we are looking for somebody who han commit itself to the project. Our intention is to hire you as a full-time engineer after the internship/training period. If you’re interested, please send an introduction and CV to contact{at}iitsystems.com.